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Hoosier Alliance for Neurodiversity


Our Mission

The Hoosier Alliance for Neurodiversity is a self-advocacy and disability rights group dedicated to furthering the cause of the Neurodiversity Movement.

We seek the full inclusion of neurodivergent people in every aspect of life in Indiana: social, educational, economic, and political.

scientific drawing of a cross section of a brain


Diversity is a fact of life. Our brains are no exception to that. The Neurodiversity (or ‘Neurological Diversity’) Movement is a social movement that seeks to change the way people think about ‘different’ brains.

As part of the Neurodiversity Movement, we promote a paradigm of ‘Different; Not Less’.


Just as ‘neurodiversity’ is short for ‘neurological diversity’, ‘neurodivergent’ is short for ‘neurologically divergent’.

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While we don’t believe there is one “healthy” or “normal” type of brain, society does — and our laws and cultural attitudes reflect that harmful societal belief.

Anyone with a brain that’s built differently from society’s idea of a “normal” brain could be considered neurodivergent. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Autistic People
  • Dyslexic People
  • People with ADHD
  • People with Tourette Syndrome

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”



We recognize that the Neurodiversity Movement’s fight for acceptance, justice, and liberation can never be fully realized unless we recognize and confront the harm caused by all forms of oppression.

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